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Topsmead State Forest Engagement: Minu + Rahul

One of my favorite Connecticut locations for an engagement session is Topsmead State Forrest. There are so many unique photo opportunities just within a short walk of the parking area. When Minu and Rahul contacted me about their engagement, I was so excited to share the beauty of Topsmead State Forest with them!

The date we had originally scheduled ended up being a complete wash, so we postponed for later in the week. The new date ended up being windy as hell. I knew that the wind was going to bring some next level drama to Minu and Rahul’s photos. Though, I had no idea how truly amazing it would be! One of the highlights (and a first for me!), was that they brought their cat Angie. At one point, Angie managed to escape her carrier and we had to pause while Minu and Rahul had to coax her back into it. Don’t worry Angie made it safely home!

If you are planning to do your engagement photos at Topsmead State Forest, I recommend going at sunset. The sun sets so beautifully behind the estate house and you can get some really amazing photos. A weekday evening will also ensure that park is quieter and more private. Also, if you time it right in spring, you can get the beautiful blooms of the apple trees planted around the estate!

I truly love working with couples like Minu and Rahul. Couples that really see the art that I create for them in my photographs. Couples that are willing to let their guards down and be themselves. It’s really those things that allow me to photograph a couple as authentically as I was able to with these two adorable humans.

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