for right now

Even as you’re living it, you know:  you're going to miss this.

The unique blend of scent, color, and detail that made today yours.
Memory doesn't just live in your head. You feel it move through you.
And your photographs help that feeling remain.


Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

It’s not about the


of the wedding

Because let’s be honest here, the love you share isn’t a performance.

It’s about gathering all your most important people to celebrate


That's no small thing. And neither is choosing the person to tell the story of that day.

If you trust me to do it, I promise that I’ll understand your priorities, appreciate the details, and never leave you wondering what comes next.

I would be honored to be your NYC, Connecticut and Hudson Valley wedding photographer.


Here's what else I promise         

“Wow. I’m in awe of Tonya’s work.”

From the moment we reached out to her from the moment she delivered our wedding photos, I was nothing short of impressed. Our wedding photos have been on repeat viewing in our home. We are absolutely obsessed with her work. Tonya, thank you again for everything.

Christina + Terrell

It’s wild to think about, right?

How the thousands of little moments turned into right now.

There’s a difference between


It’s (literally) in the details.

You’re playing with tradition in a way that feels rooted in who you are, never outside expectations. Creating a wedding that is unfussy and unexpected, where every object, location, and person has a story to tell all their own.

Your images have a story to tell too. They feel like they did in the moment — artistic but never aloof, emotional but never overwrought.

They are, in a word, true, and that will always be timeless.

“Everything about Tonya is fantastic.”

Not only is she amazing at her craft but she is so friendly and makes you feel so comfortable on the other side of the lens. Her photos are absolutely stunning. And her personality matches. Just all-around a great human being. I feel so lucky that I found her to be the photographer for my wedding, I couldn’t picture using anyone else!”

Casey + max

Here’s what else you can expect:

  • Easy communication and expert guidance
  • Custom timelines that prioritize your experience
  • A trained eye for composition and light
  • Editorial, emotive imagery that evokes analog film
  • Photojournalistic approach (but with plenty of direction)
  • A mix of digital and film, processed in my own darkroom studio
  • Seamless and stress-free — beginning to end

The Experience

Beyond Weddings

Here for something else? I use the same artistic approach to create lifestyle family photos and empowered boudoir.

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