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Authentic   //   Emotive // Artistic // Enduring

Hi, I'm Tonya

Nothing fills me up more than getting to collaborate with creative couples like you who are dreaming up a day that speaks to who you are.

(Truly, your whole aesthetic is giving me life.)

Authenticity in connection and composition is one of the most important aspects of my work. I’d love to get to know you and how you’re creating the exact day you want.

I'm a sucker for a good love story and vintage cameras. I chase down ethereal pockets of light and ephemeral fog after a good rain.

I love nothing more than using my grandfather’s 35mm camera and disposable point-and-shoots too. (Darkroom days in the converted barn on my property are my absolute favorite.)

That's the beauty of life, right? The way old and new combine in a way that’s uniquely you.

When the (many) cameras I use with Par La Mer Photography are tucked away, you can find me constantly working on a new project at my 1815 farmhouse in Fairfield County, CT alongside my husband Chuck, our three boys, and two pups. 

It’s exhausting in the best sort of way, but I wouldn’t choose anything else in the world.

Let's Collaborate

Meet me at the intersection of


and now

I was the first grandkid of a hobbyist photographer.

Which meant, obviously, a few years of all the presents, but also being photographed constantly. I got used to the camera, and eventually got curious about it. I remember being five, begging for my first camera. Being a teen and plastering my walls with snapshots. Bringing my camera everywhere to capture friends, the woods, whatever life looked like through my lens.

That love of noticing—of remembering—has never left me.

Today, I still love to shoot 35mm and 120mm film with one of my vintage cameras and process the film in my own darkroom studio.

I'd love to incorporate film into your day.

“We absolutely fell in love with her artistic style.”

We were incredibly fortunate to book Tonya for our wedding in Groton, CT. The whole process — from initial call, booking, contract signing, planning — was absolutely seamless. Tonya was always professional, friendly, and so so helpful. On the day, she gave us just enough direction to make us comfortable and look our best. She truly captured our authentic personalities, connection, and emotions (as well as our most flattering angles).

Lindsey + Jesse


I can't wait to see what we'll create.

How about you?