Hey there! I'm Tonya and I am Par La Mer Photography. I absolutely LOVE what I do and I always seem to get the best couples to work with! I have been married to my best friend for 6 years and we have 3 wild boys and 1 less wild pup. I love all things coffee, and fall, because layers (am I right?!) I binge listen to true crime podcasts, (any muderino's?), and my guilty pleasure is watching CW shows while editing. I listen to my music on vinyl, which I introduced my husband too, even if he won't admit it and I am in totally love with my French heritage. I haven't been to France yet, but it's number 1 on my bucket list! 

I am not sure when I fell in love with photography, it has always just been there. I can remember the first camera I ever owned, it was a purple Remco Ninja Turtle camera, the one where Mikey would show up in the bottom right corner giving a peace sign, (can you tell I'm a product of the 90's?) I had been asking for a Polaroid forever, but this is what I got and I was obsessed. I covered my walls in those photos! When I got to high school I was lucky enough that my small town art class had a dark room.

 I took every elective and class I could to be in that room. And that was it, I was hooked. Three years ago, I took the leap and went full time with my passion. In that time I have become a featured wedding photographer on Wedding Pioneer, Wandering Weddings, and most recently, Junebug Weddings! I have worked with so many amazing couples capturing their beautiful love adventures and I can't wait to capture yours! 

the artist behind the lens

a closer look at

I believe every love is  beautiful and unique, so I strive to really get to know my couples to be able to capture them as such . One of my first questions will be for you to tell me about you! How did you guys meet? What are your favorite things to do together? I believe building a connection with you allows me to be able to photograph you as you are. Whether that's having a pizza picnic in a park, watching the sunrise from a mountain side, or taking a stroll down the beach. I am always here for it! We will laugh together and when you say your vows, I will most definitely be shedding tears with you! I believe in your experience above all else. This is why all of my wedding packages come with a complimentary engagement session, it is soo important to me to get to know you before third wheeling one of the most important days of you life!

your Love Story is unique and should be captured as s0.

my philosophy


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