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The Foundry Wedding: Kevin + Luna

In the heart of Long Island City, The Foundry played host to a wedding that went beyond the ordinary. It was a day filled with meaning, honesty, and an undeniable connection. Kevin and Luna’s wedding truly embodied the essence of a having a “Foundry Wedding.”

The Setting: Urban Charm and Industrial Elegance

The Foundry’s exposed brick and rustic beams welcomed guests to an atmosphere of anticipation. City skyline meets industrial charm, promising a celebration that blends urban allure with the romance of the city that never sleeps. The courtyard hummed with joyous clinks of glasses, setting the tone for a day rich with honest emotions.

Personal Touches: Friendship, Dance, and Terrace Views

For the first look and portraits, Kevin and Luna used the Du Val Garden Terrace—an extension of the getting ready suite. Surrounded by lush greenery and bathed in natural light, it became a sanctuary for stolen glances and shared laughter—a canvas for genuine moments captured in time.

Choosing a close friend to officiate the ceremony added a genuine touch. The words spoken went beyond formality, creating an intimate atmosphere that felt true and heartfelt.

Kevin and Luna’s first dance took place under the soft glow of twinkling lights in the courtyard. Each step mirrored the distinctive rhythm of their relationship—a dance intertwining shared stories, unspoken promises, and the sheer joy of being together. In that moment, every movement conveyed a story, offering a clear snapshot of their journey.

The Heart of the Celebration: Courtyard Vows and Open-Air Revelry

The courtyard, adorned with floral artistry by Bad Boss Bride, became the sacred space for vows. Bathed in sunlight, it seamlessly transformed into an open-air reception, catered by Bartleby and Sage. Laughter, DJ Mariko Marimoto‘s curated tunes, and the clinking of cutlery filled the air—a celebration that felt both vibrant and honest.

The Artisans Behind the Scenes

Capturing the day on video was James Liu Films, while Beauty Icon NYC ensured the bride looked radiant in a gown from Designer Loft. The groom, dapper in an Enzo Custom suit, epitomized timeless elegance. Broadway Party Rental provided the finishing touches, and Universal Light and Sound orchestrated the perfect lighting, turning The Foundry into a bespoke canvas for love.

In the hands of Bad Boss Bride, the day unfolded seamlessly, a testament to their dedication in bringing dreams to life. From planning to florals, every detail reflected the couple’s vision.

Conclusion: The Foundry Wedding—A Symphony of Love

Against The Foundry’s backdrop, a Kevin and Luna’s love story unfolded in a dance of meaning, honest promises, and shared dreams. A true celebration of what it means to have a “Foundry Wedding.” It was a day where every detail whispered tales of connection, every moment felt like a cherished memory. The Foundry truly became the stage for a celebration that transcended time.

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