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Twinkling lights witness the couple's choreographed first dance—a celebration of shared stories and pure joy at The Foundry LIC Wedding.

In the heart of Long Island City, The Foundry played host to a wedding that went beyond the ordinary. It was a day filled with meaning, honesty, and an undeniable connection. Kevin and Luna’s wedding truly embodied the essence of a having a “Foundry Wedding.” The Setting: Urban Charm and Industrial Elegance The Foundry’s exposed […]

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Smith Farm Gardens Wedding

There’s something about a spring wedding that just feels magical. The blooming gardens, the lush green of trees, and the gentle warmth of the sun. These factors contribute to creating an unforgettable and romantic ambiance. And, that’s exactly what Smith Farm Gardens in East Haddam, CT provided for the dream wedding of Krystina + Adamo. […]

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