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Kat & Caleb’s Intimate Lakeside Wedding

With the pandemic that is COVID-19 changing the wedding game for 2020, couples are turning to smaller, intimate affairs. In the before times, I was already specializing in intimate weddings. Kat & Caleb’s was one of the last that I got to document. And I thought that it was time to share how beautiful and special an intimate wedding can be.

You don’t need to have a big affair to have a gorgeous wedding (though it’s totally okay if that’s what you want!) A lot of times, keeping the guest list small allows you to splurge on different elements of your wedding that you may not have been able to otherwise. Those things may be different for each person.

Another plus to an intimate wedding is getting creative with your venue! A lot of your typical wedding venues require a minimum of 100 people guest count. But there are so many unique venues out there that top out at 50 people!

Kat and Caleb’s wedding was at the clubhouse in Candlewood Lake, New Fairfield, Connecticut. They rented out this beautiful little an Airbnb that overlooked the lake to get ready in. The ceremony set up consisted of a gorgeous diftwood circle arch adorned with florals. They had a wood fire pizza truck cater their wedding, lawn games to play and some great tunes to dance too!


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